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vorwerk hens

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I'm about to start keeping hens. I've seen some pictures of vorwerk hens and have fallen in love with them. Ive found a place that sellls them, but I cant find out any info about them, theres nothing on Omlet. Does anybody know them? I was wanting to know what their personality is like, are they good for pets? ALso, do they lay many eggs?

Hope somebody can help me.

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Chris Graham's 'Choosing and keeping chickens' says: developed as a medium sized utility fowl, economical eater, mild mannered and straightforward to keep. Depending on breeding lines, should lay 170 cream or tinted eggs in a season. They are adaptable and will do well under almost any conditions, but they can fly.


The chicken encyclopaedia says: lively, active, not shy and can become reasonably tame. Fast growers, very vigorous, white eggs.


Sound great if you have found a supplier! 8)

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I have a Vorwerk and she is absolutely lovely. She hasn't started laying yet, but is one of the friendliest of my hens and always comes to chat to me when I am in the run.She has a very distinctive voice and is very fond of perching on top of the Cube. She looks stunning too. I would definitely recommend the breed.

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Hi Tweety,

You say you've got a vorwerk. How long have you had her? I've been a bit put off about getting them coz I've read that they are good flyers and like to be free range. If I had them they would be in a run 6' x 12'. Do you know how many eggs they are likely to lay. ALso, you say you/ve only got one? Ive read that they are best off in pairs of a single breed, coz they like to hang out with the same breed? what do you think?

Z x

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