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cluck and henry

Hungry Chicken

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I have a question I cannot seem to find the answer to and was hoping someone might be able to advise me.

Due to people, including the shop owners being ill we could not get hold of chicken food. So over the Christmas and New year period we made up our own food. The ladies loved it. Not surprised really, it was virtually what we ourselves eat and know it tasted good!! :D

So, thought as they liked it so much we would slowly ween them off it. Mixing layers mash with the food we had prepared in smaller and smaller quantities.

One thing we noticed was how their was always food left when it was just the layers mash and a little water. Now we are down to layers mash and ground up tomato and peppers. The foor dissapears, its almost as if you can imagine them licking round the grub holder. :lol:

What we would like to know is. Is the food being cleared so well because it is nice and they like the taste or do they have some kind of intestinal problem.

I did read on here that free ranging hens can pick up worms from eating slugs and snails. Having an allotment we have access toplenty of these and regularly feed these to the ladies. Should I stop? Also, if they do have worms we have diotamatious earth. I know you are supposed to give them 5% in the food but |I cannot find out how many days to give it to them of if it is just a one off.

Sorry this was long I have a tendency to witter trying to sort out the thoughts to write down.

Thanks anyway.

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I think Diatom used as a wormer needs to be fed daily, as it acts as a preventative, not a cure. Don't quote me on that though. :?


I'm sure the girls are licking their lips when you make up special feed for them. Mine has access to mash all day (dry) and if I am home, i mix up some mash with warm water and add sweetcorn/courgette. They lick the bowls clean! :roll: :roll:

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Hello again.

Yes they are laying.

They have been doing so since about late August time. In truth they have only been clearing the food bowls since the change in food.

I know it seems kind of obvious on one hand that the food tastes so much better so they eat more.

But on the other, we worry like mad and are so ignorant. Though we read loads of books before hand. In truth you really don't know a thing until you really have them.

It looks like they are always hungry though. Gobbling up the porridge in the evening and seeming to look for more.

I am probably over reacting I know, I just worry so much about killing them from stupidity or ignorance.


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All my girls - those who are laying and those who are not - are always looking for something to eat. They have Grubs of layers pellets available at all times, and they have treats in the late afternoon, but every time they see me they act as if they are starving! They are wormed regularly and don't appear to have any intestinal problems, so I think that's just normal chicken behaviour.

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They must need more calories to keep warm at this time of year, just like us :lol:


Good point - I've seen many recommendations that you should give them extra corn before bedtime in winter, to help keep them warm through the night. Easier said than done when you're working 9-5 and you only get to see them in the mornings :roll:

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