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green house ideas

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We're currently in the process of converting the apex roof part of a greenhouse into a run. One side has still got the perspex in for shelter and the rest will be covered in chicken wire. The best way we can think of is to use strong cable ties to attach the wire to the frame. I know its not going to be fox proof but its only going to be used when we're at home until they get used to the cats and the cats get used to them, then they will be able to free range, I hope :D

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My girls already have a small more secure run underneath there house. Its has the really strong aviary wire on it that foxes can't chew through and can be used while I'm out. The run we're making now is going to be an extension to the run they already have but with a door so we can either let them roam into both or just use the small run for when we go out.


If you converting a greenhouse and they are going to use it all the time then it would be best to use the aviary wire as its so much stronger than chicken wire and fox proof. I'd be cautious about using plastic cable ties too as as fox would be able to chew through them. Not sure if you can buy metal one's instead or you could use those metal pipe rings that are used in car engines and can be tightened up with a screw at one end, sorry I can't seem to remember what they are called.

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My OH converted our greenhouse last year.

We brought extra greenhouse clips (the ones that hold the glass in) and then he also drilled small holes into the metal frame so that he could poke some wire through to hold the mesh tight to the frame.

We used a 16 gauge weldmesh on ours, making it nice and strong.

We left glass in the back panel and the roof, to give them some shelter.

One side is open as it goes into the rest of the run







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