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Layers meal/mash

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Hi all, we went to our local horsy shop today to pick up some more hemcore. We have been meaning to try the girls with layers mash (they have pelets at the moment, which they don't eat :evil:) there was a new order of "layers meal" there, I tried to investigate without opening the bag (it was in a brown paper sack, so I couldn't see through :twisted:) anyway, it definatly wasn't pellets, I'm just wondering if it is mash? Last time we asked if they had any layers mash they said "No, but you can just buy pellets and squash them up" :? Wonder how long that would take?


Anyway, could you tell me if it is the same thing as mash?


Many thanks


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I've had both sorts of mash. Currently I have Dodson & Horrell from my local country store, and that's very fine in texture, a bit like a cross between wholemeal flour and oatmeal.




However when I got my two hybrids the summer before last, I bought a big sack of the stuff that the breeders had been giving the girls (can't remember the brand - some agri suppliers in Notts, I think), and that was quite co"Ooops, word censored!", with split peas and grains visible. Unfortunately the girls didn't like the split peas (which I assume are there to boost the protein levels) so there was a lot of wastage :(


I use the D&H to make "chicken porridge" once or twice a week, so I only buy a 5kg sack at a time. Co"Ooops, word censored!" mash/meal seems better suited to serving dry.

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I got some Marriages layers mash when I picked up my new girls and in is really 'grainy'. Ran out so bought Smallholder range which is powder, they didn't like it.


Managed to find a local supplier of Marriages again and my girls really like it. It is difficult to get hold of though.

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