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Worried, need some advice.....

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Hi Folks,


I need some advice from the forum eggspurts :lol:


We're off on our hols next Saterday for a week - I've asked a friend to let them out in the mornings, to check their water and food and to close them in their eglu at night, which is great. However the bit I'm worried about is that I normally let them out to roam around the garden in the afternoons and then entice them back into their eglu run about an hour before their bed time with their treats which they love. Sadly this won't be part of their routine while I'm away - do you think the girls will go stir crazy and never forgive me or do you think they'll be ok? Forgive me for asking such a daft question, I'm such a novice with all this chicken malarkie!


I shall look forward to reading your replies.


Many thanks,


Mrs G

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Yes they'll be fine, MrsG. You could leave your friend some time consuming treats to give them, like a peckablock, an apple, a chunk of cauliflower: keep them busy! And they certainly won't hold it against you on your return: they'll be overjoyed to see you!

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Im sure they will be perfectly fine. :D


You could always add a few extra bits and bob to keep them occupied and distracted while you are away.


Hang CDs up for them to peck at.

Pop some branches in for them to roost on.

Leave some corn on the cob for your neighbour to hang up for them to peck at.

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Thanks so much for your replies, I'm really grateful that you've been so kind of put my mind at ease - I will give my friend some long lasting treats to give to the girls and I'll try not to

too worry to much.


I've had the little naughties since Jan 4th. they haven't layed yet, but they've just started to crouch (I'm told that this is a good sign for imminent laying), However it will be sods law that the 1st egg arrives when we're away - I'll be gutted :cry:





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