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Mad dog chase

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On the way over to Phil's brother today, we encountered a traffic jam with a strange cause... there were about 6 cars in front of us, crawling very slowly, following a bull terrier type dog, which was galloping along the carriageway of a very busy road. All the drivers in front overtook without trying to slow it down, and traffic coming from the other direction was crawling past in case the dog swerved in front of them.


This went on for around a mile, when it came to our turn, I said to Phil to try to head it off on the side road towards Launton and Blackthorn so it was off the A41, then I jumped out to try to catch it. The brindle b*tch didn't seem aggressive, just determined not to be caught! I chased the dog for ages, then it headed off into someone's driveway and around the side of the house. I knocked on the door, no answer, so went around the back to see if I could see the dog..... gone!


We drove off carefully, looking out for it, and sure enough, the beast appeared again in front of us, cantering along the road and showing no signs of slowing; I leapt out again, feeling like Anneka Rice on Challenge Anneka, holding a blanket from the car to chuck over it if I could get near enough.... chased it for a bit until it disappeared into a field and headed off into the wide yonder. I wonder what happenend to it. :?


Must listen to the local news to see if it was caught; the dog had a thick collar embossed with brass medallions, but no name tag.

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