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I'm 326 what are you?

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Hey just looking at the joined dates, now we've passed the thousand, 8) and I was 326 (pretty good) so what number are you and what made you do it?


*Rubs hands ready for good stories*


I did it for 'Otto' our dying cat and wanted something else to love, to help me in my decision to stop smoking and to give life more purpose as I wanted to make it far more meaningful and finally as I wanted to help the BHWT and hadn't held a chicken for years. Did everything it said on the tin and I can get up in the mornings :wink::D



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I'm #1006


My hubby wanted chickens and although I wanted to bring my daughter up with a responsable attitude about food I said no because I didn't want all the work of a wooden hen house or a permanent garden fixture.


Then I found the eglu and vplas which persuaded me to go for it and it was just a case of which one to go for. Obviously I loved the eglu and here I am 4 eggs down the line!

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I'm 119 and I have always wanted chickens having been obsessed to the point where I had pictures of chickens inside my kitchen cupboards :oops: ! Took me a year to wear down LSH who still needs convincing that non-egg laying chickens are a good thing to have in your garden :roll: ! Trust me to get duff hens :wink: !


I'm a chicken addict and I'm PROUD!

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I'm 340 Buffie, just after you.

Hubby decided on chickens... I thought he was mad when he first suggested it, suspected male menopause and decided i'd rather cope with chickens and eglus rather than 20 year old blondes and sportscars, never looked back since.

Hoping I can claim a mark 3, 4 or 5 eglu and lots of chickens when I hit the menopause :wink::roll::lol::lol::lol:

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I'm number 428 and I'd always wanted chickens since my parents had had them when I was a little girl.


I've always wanted the country life and I thought chooks were a good place to start!


Since I've had them I have come to realise how important some things in life are - life itself being so much more fun than I had ever realised, respect for animals that provide us with meat, knowing about GOOD food rather than cheap food, being content with what you've got and I've made some great friends here who dont think I am completely mad for wanting this kind of life (rather than a new BMW z5 (or something like it) that one of my friends got as a Christmas present (with a personalised number plate......... :roll::roll: )



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I'm 366 :D


I have always wanted chickens and live on a farm.


OH showed me a picture and article about Eglus in a Sunday magazine as a joke :roll: It took me a year of whinning and nagging before he crumbled and bought me my red Eglu in April 2005 :D


I still have a dream to live on a farm or at least more rural than I am now.

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I was no. 219. Took me ages to join, we got the eglu in December 2004 but didnt register until the January.

As you can see from my miniscule amount of posts (how do you lot do it?) I'm not a computer fan, but this is becoming addictive, and might keep me off the choc!


I grew up in the East end of London and since marrying have lived quite rural and have got the taste for farm life. BFH fell in love with the eglu at a gardening fair and it was our Christmas pressie to each other that year. Since then I only buy free range chickens, from local suppliers wherever possible, and it has made me think really hard about the quality of meat I buy.


We now want to have a smallholding with chooks, geese, llamas (BFH), piggies and goats. Live the dream.......(not on our income, nice thought though!) :mrgreen:

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