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Tessa the Duchess

Pancake Day

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Tomorrow! Don't forget to buy some lemons :)


Last year I forgot to buy lemons and went to my local Asian corner shop.

When I was paying for them the man behind the counter asked me why

I was buying them as he said he had sold loads today and couldn't

understand why, he wondered if it was some weird British ritual

:shock: I explained to him without getting too bogged down in the

christian part of it. He still looked puzzled and I left him shaking his

head in bewilderment :roll::roll:



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Yummy we all love pancakes, with lemon and sugar,or jam,or maple syrup. The children end up with serious sugar overload but happy faces.


I have to make a rediculous amount of batter, and usually have to check that I've got enough eggs in , but not this year they will be provided by the girls, nice yellow pancakes :D

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