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Skins Series 2! - Update - The End Is Nigh :(

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So excited about the launch of series 2 and I know there are a few fans about here too :D


So. On Sunday night between 10pm and midnight only there'll be an online screening of the entire first episode of Series 2 on E4.com.


full details here : http://www.e4.com/skins/online-premiere.html


Anyone else be logging on to watch ?




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Ooooh, I'm excited *bounces*


I think we'll wait until the proper screening on a 'big screen' though - can't gather round a monitor to watch it....


I remember when series one started - we were just about to leave our friends in Wales to drive home and it came on...we were hooked! :)



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We won't be - our pants dial up connection wouldn't be able to cope :roll:


I can't wait for the new series though......................Is Tony dead or injured?

Will Sid finally do the deed? Will Effie speak this time?


Don't know if any of you Maxxie fans saw the thing about him in last weeks Heat magazine.............................this is a bit of a spoiler,so be warned!




I can't believe Bill Bailey is playing Maxxies Dad - that is so brilliant!

IMHO it was one of the most fantastic series in the last few years, & we shall be glued to the screen again this time.


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Ok, I will try,but its hard to explain without it sounding like something for just teens.


Its about a group ot college students from bristol.

Theres a ladys man,a nerd,an oddball, a talented musician, a gay lad, an Asian boy, a hot girl & a kooky girl (think I have got them all.....)


Basically its about their lifes & what they get up to....not always pretty :?


Its a VERY smart show,very funny but heart tugging too.

There are some amazing actors playing their parents - Neil Morrisey,Bill Bailey, Harry Enfield, Sarah Lancashire & Arabella Wier to name a few.

It also has guest writers such as Simon Amstell.


We all love it & watch it as a family,although I wouldn't recommend it for children younger than teenagers 8)

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I haven't seen it yet,but Sky'd it so we will watch tonight.


I was so sad about Chris as he was my favourite.

I read that some of the main characters will be making appearances in the new series,which will be great I think.


Andrew,did you think series 2 was as good as series 1?

I don't think it was,although it is still better than anything else on TV at the moment 8)

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