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New roosting bars - problem?

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I ordered some new roosting bars from omlet on friday and they came by monday - brilliant!


We ordered them as our old ones were starting to fall apart and we have a suspected case of red mite at the moment.


There's something that's bothering me and I wondered if it should or if i'm just being picky. One of the knots in the wood takes up nearly the whole of one of the roosting bars and you can push it through to make it pop out of the other side, and you can push it from the other side to make it push up out of that side. The knot is held by a 1cm bit of wood across a corner. I have no problem with knots in my wood and have them in my current roosting bars, but the fact that I can push the knot backwards and forwards and that it jiggles around in the wood concerns me for a few reasons. 1 - how sturdy will it be? 2 - poo will get it the hole and be difficult to get out. 3 - a perfect place for red mite to hide.


Am I being silly? I rang omlet and the woman seemed to think i was barking and that I expected the wood to be knot free and she couldn't see a problem.

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Nice!! :roll:


I really hate that type of attitude-why would you want to pay out sooo much money for something, find out that it's faulty and then get told to fix it yourself??

Mmm, reminds me of when I ordered a takeaway years ago-I rang and complained that their was blood coming out of the chicken and the woman asked if I had a microwave, I said yes and she said 'Well, put it in the microwave for a couple of minutes!' :shock:

Apart from being dangerous advice, what was the point of getting a takeaway delivered just to finish cooking it myself :roll:


Some people's attitudes :evil:

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The sad thing about the bars is that it is not an insoluble problem: even I could improve on the way they are held together.


Come on Omlet, you are spoiling your brilliant idea with tiny details that could easily be put right. (Ditto the shade and the size of the run door.)


These details continue to annoy for years after we start to take for granted the wonderful design of the whole.

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