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Eating her nest???

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Straw and hay are not a good idea.


The hens can get impacted crop from eating the long strands which their digestive systems are not able to cope with.


Also straw and hay can harbour parasites.


Why not try Aubiose or Hemcore....it is super absorbent and they won't eat it....also it composts down beautifully.

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They'll try to eat anything once. They may give up quite quickly. If not, the shredded paper is great, and a real challenge to the identity thieves. If they can clone my identity from paper that has been shredded, sat on by hens and then composted, they're probably welcome to it! :shock:

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One of mine pulled a sheet of newspaper out of the Eglu tray into the run, ripped it up into little bits and ate them in a single day. Her crop felt hard that evening but she has suffered no ill effects, thank goodness.


One of my teachers at school (several millenia ago) used to give us homework to read - he used to say we should read and inwardly digest ..


so that's just what your girl is doing. I bet she's really up to date with current affairs.


Well, unless it was the Sun in which case she's probably gone on a celebrity diet and started worrying about Britney Spears. or whether her bum looks big in her present set of feathers.

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