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Latest news; Eglu style house for humans.

Would you like an Eglu style house?  

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  1. 1. Would you like an Eglu style house?

    • Yes, if its free
    • Yes, if a bath is included
    • Yes, if my chickens can join me
    • No thanks

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Would you like to live in an Eglu style house?

Low maintenance, cleaning & heating costs....optional extras are additional nesting box spaces on request, for all the family.


Hurry, you must reply before midday today to hear more about the prototype model.

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Phew, I'm glad noon has past, I can go out now.


Thanks to Louise, Lesley, Kate & Sarah, who all wisely voted for house with bath...did I mention its a dustbath outside the door? I chose to share with chickens.

Your virtual new homes are on their way to you! Thanks for all going along with it, couldn't resist being a bit silly. :roll:


Although, I'm beginning to think its a brilliant idea! So, remember you heard it here 1st & I'll start consulting James about the door opening bit......


Meanwhile, let's use this topic to add any tricks that you've heard or played this morning!

I'll add to this later, but need to get up to the shops now....Byeee!

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Good one Sheila!!


There was a rather silly one on GMTV this morning about cows being fed fruit and producing flavoured milk :roll: ! Haven't had the TV or radio on since to hear of any more though.


I'm looking forward to my house being delivered. By the look of bliss on the girls' faces when they're dustbathing, I can only look forward to the experience :wink: .

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The jokes I know about so far are on GMTV they had made flavoured milk by feeding cows oranges and bananas :lol: In the Scottish edition of Metro the Forth Rail Bridge is to be sponsored by Irn Bru (slogan is 'made from girders') and it will be painted the same colour as Irn Bru :lol: In the Scotsman the EU is insisting on some Scottish towns and villiages to be renamed to make them more 'politically correct' yeh right :lol: Thats all I have seen so far today :?


As for the dustbath Sheila I am glad I have access to showers at work as I would be dropping sand all over the place :lol:

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In the Scottish edition of Metro the Forth Rail Bridge is to be sponsored by Irn Bru (slogan is 'made from girders') and it will be painted the same colour as Irn Bru
:lol: Louise .. I had a small bottle of Diet Irn Bru, at lunchtime ...... so that made me smile. :D . They never STOP painting the Rail Bridge anyway .. so I should imagine a few gullibles there :wink: .
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Did you hear the news this morning that after the wedding, Tom Parker Bowles may be next in line to the throne, ahead of William? It was only this evening over dinner when our family were discussing the day's events, that I was enlightened that it was a "Fool". I think. Was it?


With my children, I've always been hesitant about upsetting them with a prank, so its now a tradition that I say..."quick, get up...have you seen how deep the snow is?!" (That is unusual event here, Louise!)

Except for the year that Esther cried when she found out it was a joke (not funny), it just results in lots of groans at my expense.


Well, I'd done the rounds & had just called it up to last one, son (20) who called back down the stairs "Happy April Fool Mum" & we both laughed.


He then said, "By the way, don't worry...its not as bad as it looks"

Immediately, I was struck with fear (he's often out late so I'm always relieved to see he's back!)...oh no, have you been in a fight...show me!


"I got bottled.." sharp intake of breath.....


Let me see, are you hurt, how bad is it?


And a grinning, cheeky face appeared around the staircase...April FooL!!!!


How am I so gullible?

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Just thought I'd add one that backfired. Dearest LSH, having spent 28 years trying to make mailshots vaguely interesting, eyecatching, & enticing, decided to send an April Fool's one.


He didn't want to humiliate any customers so he wanted to make it really obviously just a joke, and give his customer's a bit of a laugh.


It was along the lines of a new plastic sheet (for industry) which had special granules (lots of faux technical words here) that, when you attached something and then plugged it into the computer, you could type in exactly what colour you wanted the plastic to change to.


He stressed that all enquiries about this colour changing sheet had to be made by noon on April 1st.


Poor man, he had at least 50 calls, the bulk of which didn't realize it was a joke. What could he do? He couldn't make his potential customer's look stupid! At least 1 person sounded really cheesed off.


After a while, he stopped explaining, & just said he'd send them a sample!

Aaaagghh. Won't be doing that again.

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But at least some customers had a sense of humour, including one who said..

..send me a sample and, I want to tell you about our new plastic...


...amazing, before you form it, its invisible....


...I would send you a sample....but we can't remember where we put it...

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Well yes, except that even yesterday he had people seriously phoning, asking questions about the new material.

So, 4 days later he's having to point out, to customers, that they've been fooled.....and they're not pleased. He's been called all the names under the sun.

Poor LSH, and thats how he treats his Customers...

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