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Cube run door adaption -with pic

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Well I finally got around to adapting my cube door. I cut upwards from the original doorway and added the spare door that I had. Its now like a stable door so I can make it bigger if I want to go in. I have a pciture but its not very good as the dog escaped at that exact second.

Someone likes it though as its just the right size for harrassment


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That is a really good idea. :D

I bet everyone will be copying that now-just a pity Omlet don't 'copy' too as it seems that everyone has a problem with the door being too small and they do nothing to improve it yet a pair of wire cutters, a spare door and *ta daa*, a human sized door!! :D


Well done Bron :clap::D

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Could you not just hinge the end panel with lots of run clips to make a door big enough for an adult?


Securing it on the opposite side to the hinged would need a bit of thinking about I admit.


You could I think someone did (Daniel?) yo need to get one of the arched frames (that come with an extension) so the end doesnt collapse.

This was cheaper for me as I had an end which came with the run I bought off Cat. That of course gave me the spare door and also meant I dared risk cutting it all.

Omlet or course could do the end panel thing then they could just provide another arch as standard

I still have to stoop and almost crawl through but being tall I had to go through on my stomach before, it was just too gank for me crawling I can cope with this better.

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