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The Great Chicken Taste Test

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I think the reason that Hugh's review is smaller is that each panel is an image, probably from a piece of artwork that was originally designed for print (from the Mail on Sunday magazine, perhaps?). There's a telltale pink blob at the bottom of Hugh's review which is part of another image on the original print page!


I'm guessing that Hugh's was originally the largest panel but has been shrunk to the same width as the others to fit the format of the web page. Big newspapers handle so many stories, they have to cut a few corners to get everything onto the web in a timely fashion. At least they repeated the main text of the winning review, so it was easy to read :)


And interesting to note that the non-organic free-range chicken wasn't that great. I usually buy organic when it's available (or not in overlarge packs - the breast portions are often huge!), or free-range if not.

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