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BUmper Bits, where to ge them:

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When you have fitted your emergency bumper bit, you must order a handful, however. They don't last for ever, and they are very easy to drop and lose in the fitting process.


At 10p each you can afford to stock up. Make sure you keep them somewhere safe, as they are so tiny. I use an old mustard pot.

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I got mine from the Domestic Fowl Trust by post.


They are C shaped and each end fits in the hens nostril, either side of the upper beak, with the bit going between the upper and lower beaks - so it stops them getting the beaks together. They can't grip feathers and stuff then, but they can eat and drink fine.


Liz, my Marans, wore one for about 2 or 3 months until she stopped feather pecking. It worked - at one time I was dispairing because she chased the others round pulling out feathers and eating them. Now she doesn't wear the bit and doesn't peck - she's a lovely well behaved girl.


Does this picture help:


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I use the peck rings and bumper bits alternately. I have found the peck rings get "squashed down" by Prada's beak after a few weeks so I then replace it with a bumper bit which is okay for a while but then Prada's beak grows long enough to be able to grab feathers again - changing back to a peck ring gives her time to wear her beak down again :roll:


it's all a bit of a performance but worth it to keep Gucci's feathers intact :D

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