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sleeping in the nest rather than the perch... normal?

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Hi there,


Got my 2 chickens yesterday, and they seem to be loving the run, but they have just gone to bed and for the second night running they have gone to sleep in the nest together, rather than on the perch... is this normal? what happens when they start laying in a couple of weeks, and lay in the nest, and sleep in the nest?


Is there a way of coaxing them onto the perches to sleep or into the rest of the house?


I am a complete beginner and maybe i have got it all wrong, but the people where I got them said they like to sleep on perches, and the nest if for laying?


any suggestions?


Thanks, Tom

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my 3 ALL sleep in the nest box! 2 on the bottom, and 1 squashing those on top! (well at least that's where they are when I say good night to them at about 5.30!)


They also poo in the nest box, and the one that's laying lays eggs in there too :roll:


still, what a multi purpose piece of chicken equipment hey?...as long as they're happy...

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