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Eglu placement and car-free chicken ownership

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Hi folks,


Just wanted to get opinions on the placement of an Eglu in relation to the back door. We have a pretty small garden and intend to put the Eglu just a metre or so from the back door.


Are we going to have problems with smells and flies in the summer? Obviously I realise this may depend on how often the Eglu and run are cleaned - I imagine that I will clean them once a week and empty the tray as necessary.


I suppose another problem may be nosy chickens walking into the house if the back door is open, which it almost certainly will be in the summer. Will they be deterred from entering by a net curtain?


Also, is there anyone out there who keeps chickens and doesn't have a car? I'm a bit worried about getting food and substrate for the run and wondered if there are any good mail order companies that don't charge the earth in postage.



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Hi Claire :D


Re being car free, you can get layers pellets from Omlet in 20 kilo size, but I buy in one kilo bags from my local pet shop, it's cheaper and they are easy to carry, and there's no chance of the food being old if it takes your chickens a long time to get through it either. Visit a few local pet shops and see what they have to offer. My girls are on the soil so I don't need to bother with run 'litter' either, but I know lots of folk on here use Aubiose etc and I am sure someone else will be along with more advice soon!

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I ordered the food from Omlet for the first year, and picked up added extras with each order :wink: the odd set of bags, chicken spice, that sort of thing :roll: all included in the p+p of the pellets. But the girls took ages to get through each bag and I was concerned the quality of the pellets must deteriorate after a few months, so asked around at pet shops. My local pet shop sells chick crumbs, and both mash and pellets in one and three kilo size sealed plastic bags. I do have a car and stock up every six weeks, but could just as easily manage a few kilos on the bus with a wheeled shopper or something similar :D


A purple Eglu!!!!! Just after I bought the pink one they started making purple, I would love a purple one, must be a 'Claire' thing :lol:

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I don't think you'll have a problem with smells. The Eglu is really easy to clean, but anyway the only thing that smells is the poo. Feed your girls powdered garlic, and that will cut down any smell; use hemcore/aubiose in the run, and clean it regularly- shouldn't be a problem.


I didn't have a problem with flies, the girls usually eat them! but you can use citronella oil to deter them. I know someone on here posted about a problem, and bought a Fli-trap, but I seem to recall the flies were actually attracted to something in their neighbour's garden, not the chicken run.


I use G J W Titmuss for delivery, there is a charge but they're not too expensive. Whereabouts in Essex are you? There might be a supplier nearer to you.

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Dont let anyone convince you (ie neighbours) that chickens attract flies

We find in the summer that we have no more flies around that are normally around. As long as you empty the poo tray regularly and clean the eglus you will be fine :D


I put some citronella on kitchen roll and place in the poo tray and found this worked really well.


Open doors - yes your chickens will be in!....I struggle to keep mine out all year round (as I like my back door open in the winter too as I love fresh air) some people put up a piece of expanding trellis, we have used a piece of perspex in the past. Im not sure if a net curtain would keep my lot out! :D

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Hi Claire,

I live in Essex and we haven't got a car either :(


I found a place that delivers pretty much everything you need, Hemcore, mixed corn, layers pellets, poultry spice etc.

They deliver to anywhere in Essex and delivery is free for most places but I pay £5 because they only come to this part of Essex for me :D


So, depending on where you live in Essex-you will probably get free delivery :D


The place is called G+J Staines and the phone number is 01277 840087.


Give them a bell and ask for some prices as I think they are quite reasonable considering I have no other way of getting stuff delivered.

I think I pay around £6.75 + VAT for a sack of pellets.


Hope that helps :D

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I don't have a car and have managed to find someone who delivers pellets free: but other people who live near you have advised on that.


I don't find that the hens attract flies at all. I have a pre-existing rat problem in my compost heap, however, and for that reason would not want the run near the house.


If you don't have rats or mice, then near the house is the safest place to put the run, and you will find it very convenient. It's a long way to the bottom of the garden in winter, and I am sad that I can't see my hens from the house.

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Thanks everyone for your advice.


I will certainly look up the suppliers you have suggested and see if they can help me. I'm in Cranham, near Upminster, so I think GJW Titmuss might be a bit far away in Hertfordshire, but G&J Staines is perhaps a bit closer and more likely to come here if they deliver to Dagenham.


I'm going to check out a farm shop in Ockendon Road today, just to see if they can supply the stuff I need. I think Revnev gets his food from there.


I'll definitely get some garlic powder and citronella as well, I really don't want to upset my neighbours as they are friendly.


Getting closer to ordering now.....

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