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Why has my bokashi bin not worked :(

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My first bin worked fine - it was pickly just like it said it should be and it went in the compost.


I just emptied my second one out and it's not fermented at all :cry: . There was no smell, just all the food looking just the same as when it went in (it must be at least 3 & probably 4 weeks since it was last added to).


I then had to pick it all out of the compost bin and put in back in the bokashi bin :vom: . I squished it down and covered it totally with bran. Do you think if I leave it again, it'll ferment eventually?


The liquid I drained off the last bin has bits of mould floating in it :? . Is that normal?


I put quite a lot of bread in it (crusts) - is that not a good idea?


Sorry for all the questions :roll: .

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My bokashi bin contents never seem to rot down :? It takes us about 2 and a half months to fill a bin and I leave it 3 weeks before I empty it. When I emptied the first bin I could see pasta shells at the bottom and a couple of half eaten sausages :shock: I didn't want to put the contents into the compost bin so I emptied it into our green cone instead. I did get a lot of liquid from it.


I have just finished filling another bin and this time I hardly drained any liquid at all :? It will be another 2 weeks before this one is ready to empty so I don't know if the food has startd to rot.


I am very generous with the bran and squash the food down well. I get bits of mould floating in the liquid.


If the food is supposed to rot then I am doing something wrong as well :?

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I think the Bokashi bins work on anareobic(sp) bacteria ie low levels of oxygen. That is why they suggest you compress the stuff in them. If the lid isn't sealed properly then this may cause it to not work so well.


Ours have poor fitting lids and take some sealing.




Same here - mine went a bit "off" because I wasn't closing the lid properly, and then fruit flies got in :vom:


I'm going to give it one more go once I've cleaned the bins out, before I throw in the towel and just put everything in the green wheelie bin!

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