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umbrella thursday

Woo hoo - ordered my eglu

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It arrives next Tuesday, a green eglu with run. I'm so excited.

Just need to get the chooks now - we are going for bantams. Has anybody bought bantams from the Devon Traditional Breed centre - we're going past it in a couple of weeks and so thought this might be a good idea. I gave them a ring and they have some available from today so I might pop along.


Will update you all when we get them but any advice always appreciated. Thanks for the welcome you all gave me on here when I was thinking of taking the plunge.

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Im in Devon. We bought our cochins from the DTBC last September.


I've not got any bantams, but my cochins are lovely and were in excellent condition. have you been down there for a look?


The DTBC is lovely - you will be spoilt for choice, they have LOADS of chooks and ducks, a coffee shop, farm shop, plant shop. I could quite happily spend an afternoon there.


Definitely ring them before you go (they are very helpful) they dont update their website very well though as they had different stock to their website when we went. Its a very popular place for chickens and the woman in the shop said they cant keep up with demand for chooks. :D

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Thank you all.

Chelsea that's good to know. You hear of people buying dodgy birds and stuff and I wanted to be sure of going to a reputable place first off as I'm not sure what to look for. I called them last week and they were really helpful, so I'll ring just before we go in a couple of weeks.


We will be travelling back to Somerset - will the journey be too much - about two hours I think. And what should I take to put them in? Any ideas anyone?


Thanks again for your helpful replies

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Car journey is fine. :D


Make sure you take a pet carrier or cardboard box with holes in to collect your girls,..from what i recall they charge £3.50 for a carrying box :shock: - so take them with you! :D


any more info just ask. Its only 30 minutes from me, of course if you'd like me to do an investigative trip on your behalf (purely for investigation only :wink::wink: ) I'd be only too happy to oblige! :lol:anything to go and visit the lovely chickens again !!

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