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My Gingernut stopped laying last June after being really poorly - so poorly that we though she would die but she pulled through. The only consequence is that she's forgotten how to lay eggs. It's just unlucky for us and not a problem with the breed so don't worry. My Pepperpot is on strike too at the moment and hasn't laid for 2 weeks. That's probably because she's moulting and could do with some Poultry Spice in her layers meal but I keep forgetting! She'll start laying again soon once the weather's better and the sun's shining so I'm not worried. Izzy the Speckledy lays most days so makes up for the other two having their holidays!

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Well done Helen - I wondered how long it would take people to realise!


I actually got them a week last Saturday, but was too lazy to alter my profile :oops:


The Columbine is one of the new hybrids based on cream legbars that have a 75% chance of laying blue eggs. Mabel, who looks most like a cream legbar, has laid 3 beautiful tiny but blue eggs since Saturday. Doris, who is a fabulous ginger colour, laid her first egg yesterday, and one today, and hers are a pretty pale peach :D

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