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Trespassing Cat

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Afternoon everyone,


I got home yesterday to find a cat that doesnt belong to me asleep on my sofa :evil: My cats were all sitting nearby just watching it. I've seen it come in the house before but always chase it out again.


I dont know what to do to stop it coming in.


I thought about one of those infra red cat flaps but my old cat is quite prone to loosing his collar and then he couldnt get in. I've seen cat flaps that responds to micro chips. Are they any good?


This other cat has no collar so i cant find out who it belongs to and speak to its owners.


If anyone has any suggestions i'd be very grateful. I dont want this other cat taking over my house while i'm at work and my cats consequently not coming home :x

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To be honest, even if you could speak to the owners, I'm not sure they could help much... Unless the cat is obviously neglected, they can't really control what it does when it wanders off... we had a cat coming into our house a lot, and got the opposite problem, with it's owners complaining that their cat was visiting us!!! I didn't intend to close all doors and windows all summer just cause their cat liked us...

Magnetic collar cat flaps help, but we found ours didn't work as the doors are metal, and apparently that drains out the batteries in the flap in no time... but if your doors are not metal, it might be worth a try... if the cat loses the collar, you could keep a few spares at home...

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Thanks everyone!


I can’t get rid of the cat flap. Its rented accommodation and one of the cats belongs to my landlord. The cats are all used to coming and going as they please, so I couldn’t now shut them out all day or keep them in the house all day while I’m at work.


I shall look for a magnetic cat flap after pay day!


Can anyone recommend anywhere online to get one?

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I have the cat mate one, which was around £30 from ebay. Works really well (although discovered that if you have a queen in season on one side, and a tom on the other, it can be broken quite comprehensively :evil: )


The collar tags aren't too expensive, you get two with the flap and you can buy spares for about £6 for two (from ebay). Cat mate sell spare parts for all their flaps direct (brilliant if you want a new solenoid for example. ruddy cats). Mine can all work it with no trouble, except my ENORMOUS Norwegian Forest Cat cross. We had to get the dog magnet for him, as his head was too big and he couldn't get the magnet close enough to trip the door.

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