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we got some a few days ago and DH sprinkled it about the coop and under the feeders but when he next does a big clean out, he'll sprinkle it everywhere (inside and in the run) before putting fresh aubiose down.

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Have a look here Sarah




(Sorry dont how how to do the posh link thingy)!


It's not a compulsory purchase but I like to use it as my run is on paving slabs and it's nicer than trying to use liquid disinfectant. It's a pink powder and smells quite pleasant too :D

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I use it all the time too Chelsea, I sprinkle it on the ground in the run before laying fresh Aubiose, and in the eglu after it has dried off from being washed.


Sarah, it is a powder disinfectant that helps to stop damp, bacteria and viruses, it also stops any pongs. I get mine online form the fab Terry Beebe at Regency Poultry.

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