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Built walk in run or Eglu (cube) run + extension?

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Hi there I was wondering which is better? a walk in run, that you can't move around (can it be fox proof?) or a eglu cube run + extension, that sounds like a crawl on your belly to get in?


My mum works as a minister and every 5 years we might be moving somewhere else (though hopefully not) so a built walk in run would be left behind if we ended up moving. I'm just not sure which would be best :?


Whats your opinion and advice?

Whats the best size, if a built in run is best?





P.S. Here is the measurements for our new garden (when we move) they are; 50' wide and 75' long (Ft) :D

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there are pro's and con's with both.


As you saw the other day we've just finshed our walk in run and in my opinion its the best thing we've done since purchasing the eglus. My chickens love it in there and the run litter stays lovely and dry. :)


But, we cant move it, if we ever want to sell our house im not sure many buyers are going to want a permanent chicken run :roll: - so that maybe a downside also.


The latter part of your post suggests maybe for now you might want to start out with the cube and run (because you might move), you could maybe start off with this and then see how it goes, if you get fed up crawling in the run then build one! :wink:

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We have a walk in run. 17ft X 6ft & it's a secure fox proof run, made of weldmesh panels that you bolt together (they were expensive though & we only had them as we used to have dog kennels and these were from the runs) If we move we would take it with us (it came from our old house)


We also have a larger run which is 30ft X 30ft this one is not fox proof, but they only go in this during the day. :D We could also take this fencing too if we wanted to should we move house.


The secure run is attached to the front of the hen house & the larger run is attached to the back.

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build a modular run, i.e. panels of the same dimension that can be bolted together, then you can unbolt it and take it with you


I suppose it all depends on your abilities and tools available


BTW, it only cost me £10 more to build a 4 sq/m (8 cubic metre) walk in run compared to the less than 2 sq/m Eglu run

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