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Happy to be alive

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i think i felt like that once and wrote a poem about it ;)


the last line went something like...


"So in the words of the great Fats Waller, 'Quick, shoot me while I'm happy'"




I'm glad you're feeling better and less stressed, how's the web site coming along?

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I have lots of happy days..


my glass is always half full :D


I love the sky when its clear at night and I can recognise constallations (I love that word :lol: )


AND, kev has just told me that some one will be giving us a large run for free. used to be a dog run, but will soon be converted into "happy chicken world"


yippeeeeeee :lol::lol:




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my glass is always half full :D


Mine too. :lol:


Look for the positives and don't dwell on the negatives.


We'll be back to radiators and drains and moaning minnies in a bit. :lol:


I love it when everyone else has gone to bed and there is just me up. I love the silence....and being able to get on the computer uninterrupted.

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I feel like that today F&C!


I woke up and walked through to the spare bedroom and the sky was so beautiful, it took my breath away :D It is clear blue now and sunny too!


Out the front, all the cars are covered in a thick frost (still, as the sun hasn't yet cleared the houses) mine is icelandic blue so looks especially pretty all iced up 8) I feel very lucky today, don't know why, but it's a good feeling 8)


Got loads of jobs to do to keep me busy today too!

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I'm with you too f&c :D every once in a while a perfect day just happens - this weekend I have the house all to myself so I can do just as I please, the sun is shining so I'm planning a sit in the garden with the chooks then might light the patio heater and chimnea later on.


I read a great quote the other day too.........


"I celebrate myself, and sing myself

I loafe and invite my soul"


Stay happy :lol:

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I knew exactly what you meant when I read your post, Fairy. It's usually when I'm outdoors and the sky is clear, but I often get this feeling when I'm singing.


It's when you know you're alive.


Such a lot of life is boring and routine, it's important to recognise these moments and treasure them.

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do you ever get moments, when the house, the town, the world seems to be totally silent and your just happy to be alive?


I have had a really stressful tiring week, but i am just so happy tonight.


I wish i never had to sleep as i want to suck in all lifes got to offer.


Hia :)


Yes I get moments like that too, but they dont happen very often. When they do its such a wonderful calm contented feeling that you want to hold onto that moment forever.

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It's a fantastic feeling isn't it? I always wish I could feel like it forever, unfortunately I'm naturally a bit cynical, my glass is half empty most of the time no matter how much better off I tell myself I am than loads of people, don't feel sorry for myself just struggle to see the positives sometimes. So when everyone else is indoors and sleepy or just waking up and I'm in my PJ's, wellies and cardy crunching down a frosty garden to let the girls out, give them fresh water and have a natter it's as though I'm the only one awake in the whole wide world.

I got laughed at once, when I feel top of the world I put my bright pink lippy on and me and the kids were in the car on cloud 9 we had all the windows open although it was really cold but bright bright sunshine and we were singing along to Kylie which was on the radio at the tops of our voices. Unfortunately we stopped at traffic lights next to a business man who also had his window open although only a little, still it made him smile! Smiles are catching!


Enjoy your moment, may it last all day and stay with you a lifetime! :lol:


Mrs Bertie

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