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Search for the Perfect Victoria Sponge

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OK, I've given this it's own thread so as not to hog What have you cooked today :lol:

This was mine baked yesterday:


It was great, the first time my mixture hasn't curdled. Chickcam says all ingredients need to be at room temperature. For this one I used stork tub marg from the fridge. When I've done it in the past at room temp it has still curdled. This time the only thing I can think that I did differently was to add the eggs whilst the machine was still mixing, rather than stopping it :? Would be interested to hear how others get on! :D

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:lol::lol: There is a bit left - OH and I are going to eat it sneakily when the boys are in bed, otherwise we won't get a look in! :oops:


I use Hugh F-Ws recipe Poet - weigh 4 eggs in shells. Use equal weight of butter/marg, castor sugar and SR flour. Dead easy - even I can remember that one! I spread strawberry jam in the middle and whip up double cream with another dollop of castor sugar (I do like sweet cream! :roll: ) :lol:

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I always weigh the eggs as well :D


I make an 8oz recipe in an 8", deep, cake tin. I actually weigh a combination of eggs until they weigh 8oz :lol: - we have large hen eggs and bantam eggs so it's easier that way.


I break the eggs into a bowl and break them up with a fork. I add a little at the beginning with the butter and sugar and I take 1 desertspoonful of flour out of the weighed flour, and beat until it is soft and creamy, then add the rest of the egg in about 4 lots - it doesn't curdle this way.


Fold in the rest of the flour, sifted...........


The only time I have any problems with Victoria Sandwich is if I use duck eggs :?

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I didn't know about the weighing eggs thing either, you learn something new here everyday. :D


I think I will have to try it, a good excuse for cake me thinks :wink:


I usually use Delia's method and victoria sponge is the only thing I make in imperial weights now because for every 2oz of flour there is an egg and I usually make a 3 egg mix and cook it in two 8 inch sandwich tins and it ends up really deep and yummy.


Snowy i have only actually made one that didn't curdle and that was when i tried to make it with butter that was too cold and had to leave it for a while before rebeating it, which was why I thought it might work better at room temperature but it may have been a fluke :roll:

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