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I'm getting Gingernut Rangers..what do I need to know??

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Bit of a wide open question there Paul.


If you mean about chicken keeping in general, have a look at the "stickies" at the top of each page, and the FAQ section. Most questions are answered there.


If there is anything specific, not covered there ....ask away. :lol:


Welcome to the forum.

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They are a nice hen to start off with Paul. Very nosey,friendly,good layers & robust too.


if you are getting them from Omlet,request a couple that look different from each other. I have had Gingernuts with lots of white or black tipped feathers. it makes telling them apart much easier



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I agree...very very nosey creatures and funny with it - ours is called Pumpkin because of her colour! They are delightful and really good layers. Beaks and feet are a good way to tell them apart. Get them used to treats by rattlingthe same tin or bowl each time you go out ( especially near the beginning when they are in the run all the time) and they will be easy to get when free-ranging after that as they will associate you with food! Most of all, watch for the little jumps they do when they can't reach something - they make you smile every time! :D

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