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Do Chicken folk support the underdog or go for glory?

Premier league team or Real football?  

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  1. 1. Premier league team or Real football?

    • I support a Premier league side
    • I support a Championhip/ SPL side
    • I support a League 1/2 side
    • I support a non-league side

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I support Liverpool but this is because when I was a child I lived five minutes walk from Anfield and went weekly with my dad to see either the A team or the reserves play. Now, we also support Norwich and Lowestoft Town. I do try to encourage the children at the school where I teach to support their local teams.


I don't see the point in supporting a top team if you never get to see them play live.

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I've been supporting Chelsea FC since 1996. We have been to loads of home games over 12 years and spent a small fortune supporting them! :roll:


I live in a small village where my dad is an active chairman of our local team and the football pitch is just opposite our house.


I've grown up with football, can remember singing the MOTD theme tune as a small child :D (sadly dad is a man U fan! :( )

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I'm not a football fan, so can't claim to support any side. However son and hubby both support Charlton Athletic. They are our local side, the Valley is approx 10 miles away and they supported them in the Championship, throughout their years in the Premiership and continue to support them now that they're back in the Championship. I can't see that support changing no matter how they play, and even though we are poised to move well away from the area. My children, during their primary school years, attended the same (state) school as the children of 2 players and those Dads regularly did the school run to the immense pleasure of the majority of the school 8) .

For a great many years they were season ticket holders and attended as many matches as they could. Had to give those up 2 years ago due to time and financial constraints but they still get to as many matches as they can :roll: .

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I am a shareholder in Ebbsfleet United so look out for me in the advert in this weeks papers.




I'm a Southend fan - looking forward to Charlie Mac getting a run in the side. he's not really had a prolonged chance yet, but he has it now and needs to take it. You must have seen some goals from him!!

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