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how do i organise carriage/courier

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I am watching 2 eglus on ebay. One i can pick up in Manchester but the other one is in London, that's the one i wanted courier for.OH has agreed to me having one. He said i would get one anyway no matter what he said.( he knows me) :D and we are going to look at an eglu local to us on Saturdauy morning. OH coming too :shock: . Got about £180 already but dont think i will get a second hand one for that :cry: .I have already chosen which chooks i want and read up about them as much as i can but no point looking for chooks yet as the eglu i get might alredy come with chooks :D .I definately want a frizzle bantam though, wondered if anyone on here has any and ould tell me if they would be suitable :oops:

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If you go into the ebay community discusion pages and find the payment and postage board there is a thread by yorkie pinned to the top of that with a list of couriers on.


The problem you are going to have is that you need to make sure that your seller is happy to wait around for a courier as they don't specify collection times and also it will need to be packaged.


Worth checking out that thread though. The p&p board is the other place I am always to be found. I have learnt so much on there :)

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