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Mrs Webmuppet

We've got chickens!

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We've got chickens. I chose a columbine hybrid, the OH chose a Lavender Pekin and little Miss Webmuppet has got a Columbian Pekin.


The process wasn't without incident............the OH tried to be helpful and put the Columbine in the run............mmm at least the neighbour thought it funny. Here's the pic's


Who let that chicken out




My Columbine and the OH's Pekin




and last but not least little Miss Webmuppets oh so fancy Columbian



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little bit of advice, not only do you have the same coop as us ;) but you have the same feeder/drinker. We've put ours up on a breeze block as aubiose gets kicked into them.


Have you named your girls yet by the way?


this is what I mean with the feeder/drinker....



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Lovely girls. Its recomended keeping them in their run for at least 5 days beofre letting them free range as this helps them establish where home is and settle down so they dont try to peg it!


My columbine liked to perch on our dividing fence and once decided to actaully fly all the way over into next door garden. I had to knock on their door and go and bribe her back with sultanas!

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The Columbine hopped from the fence onto the summer house in the neighbours garden and we had to go and ask if we could have our chicken back.....the neighbour laughed and her little boy thought it really funny. We shooed her back over the fence, chased her into the corner by the back door where I calmly caught her and put her in the run. The two pekins were no problem to get into the run.


I shall be clipping the columbines wing later this week before they are allowed to free range.

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