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little Red Hen

Hen pecking

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I introduced a new chicken to my original two girls last friday. I hoped that the hen pecking might have started to ease up abit today but I think today was the worst day for it! :cry: I've been told that it usually takes about a week to settle down but what are other peoples experiences.

Bit worried that as I've had the other two girls for about 10 months now that maybe they are too established as a couple so to speak?

Its the pepperpot thats doing the bullying. The gingernut isn't too bothered.

The beating up is happening in the eglu now and tonight was quite bad at bedtime. The new girl just put her head down and took it poor thing.

I have let them out free ranging together its when they are in the run its at its worst.

I know that its early days still but I can't help feeling sorry for the new girl as she is such a cutie.

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hi Little red Hen


I introduced one to two some time ago and found it difficult. It took about 3 weeks for it all to settle down but after that they were all friends :D Don't give up - just make sure there are plenty of food and water stations around so that the new girl can get something to eat and drink. IF they havent drawn blood I would keep them together rather than separating them - you could try bumper bits but it is just something they have to go through I'm afraid.

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Oh I know just how you are feeling. I have been through it and going through something similar now but I am trying to indtroduce two new hens to one.


It is heartbreaking I know, but the general advice is to let them get on with it as long as they don't draw blood.


It took me absolutely ages last time, but I was trying to introduce an ovenready to two established girls, and one of them was a real thug.


I wish we could find a way to make it all better for the pecked one.


Rosemary x

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Introducing new ones always takes a while. They're fine in the eglu immediately, OK freeranging after a few days. The run is always the last to settle down - probably because the new girl can't get away. I found with mine that after a couple of weeks, the bullying was more a matter of 'going through the motions' than really vicious. They stopped actually pulling feathers out and just bossed the new ones around - chasing them into the eglu etc. They still do it a little bit after over a month, but the new ones just take it in their stride and the next minute they're pecking about together. Don't worry unless they're drawing blood. They will sort it out.

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In the same boat too :(


The girl who was second in the pecking order is getting most of the evil pecks from the new girl as the new girl now knows she isn't going to be top dog so she going for second place.


My poor Ginger has had a couple of small nicks to her cone too and is looking a tad fed up with it all :(

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Thanks for your replies. It's reassuring to know that hopefully things will eventually settle down. Sounds as if 1 month rather than a week is going to be a bit more realistic though!

There has been no blood drawn yet, so hopefully it won't get to that stage.

It just seems so horrible that the new girl is having to endure this unwelcoming bullying, but thats how they sort themselves out afterall.

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Sorry to hear that Little Red Hen


As Bellekatz has said, just make sure that there are enough food/water stations and keep an eye out for injuries. They will sort it out eventually, i'm sure.


Some people do separate the aggressor but if no blood has been drawn then I would be tempted to let them get on with it.


Try hanging up some greens/half a cabbage in the run to distract the bully.


Hope they sort it out soon.

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