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Shelley Cockell

I saw her lay her egg!!!

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Sorry if this sounds very naive, but I have never seen a chicken lay an egg and so was really quite excited when (while cleaning out the house) Ethel came in and sat in the nesting box and laid her egg. !eggwhite!

I always thought they would look quite demure while laying all nestled into their box so was quite amazed when she suddenly stood up hunched over and pushed it out! Nice to know that whatever species, childbirth is never demure!!



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I never really thought about it until we got our girls. I some how always go out to the girls, open the egg port and at least one of them is standing there all hunched up then an egg plops out :shock:. Some of them settle on the egg for about half an hour, but Nutmeg just lays it, then walks away, doesn't even admire it for a few seconds :shock:.

I never thought about it in detail, when we got the first few eggs I just saw the girls go up the ladder, then went back an hour later and there was an egg, poor things deserve more credit.



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