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soft shells...

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It is possible that the first couple of attempts could be shell-less, and just a blip as their egglaying tackle settles down.


What are you feeding them on?


Good quality layers pellets contain the essential nutrients required for egg laying.


Try not to give them too much in the way of treats as they crowd out the good stuff. Also limit their free ranging, for the same reason.


Have they got free access to mixed poultry grit to which they can help themselves ad lib. It contains calcium, and insoluble grit to grind down their food for maximum absorption.


I swear by Limestone Flour, which you can get from an equestrian shop, or from ebay (usually sold for reptiles). It is a very easily absorbed form of calcium, and a spoonful stirred into their pellets a couple of times a week will work wonders if it proves to be an ongoing problem.


You can also bake crushed eggshells for a few mins in the oven (don't burn them.....the smell is unforgettable! :lol:) and stir them into their pellets too.


Good luck! :lol:

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I first had a shell less egg, then the next day my first hen started laying, a week on and two soft shell eggs and then my second hen started laying. Today 2 'normal' eggs from those two, plus one shell-less and one softshell - given my third hen started crouching two days ago I am sure this is just her first attempt.


Like you I was worried with the first one, but now third time round I am a bit more relaxed about it. Let shope this is the start of your eggs!



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