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Bizarre chicken dreams

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Last night I dreamt that I was arriving at Centerparcs, & as we drew up to the entrance I saw James with this big pile of Eglus & a pen of chickens.


He was hiring them out for peoples holiday durations,so people could get a true taste of country life & self sufficiency.

He was doing a roaring trade - every villa sported a nice pink or orange Eglu on its patio!!!


Funny how 2 things close to my heart & often in my thoughts managed to combine themselves in a dream....Centerparcs & chickens.

If I had stayed asleep a bit longer who knows - Sean Bean may have turned up too :P

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Awww...great dream Sarah!


In my dream (nightmare) last night I looked in the mirror and my roots were showing through as grey. Quite bizarre for me as I have never died my hair, so have never had roots!


I think it might have been Clare who was talking about roots or grey hair on the forum. Must have stuck in my mind......fancy that Clare - dreaming about you! :lol:

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Only scary in a pschotic happy sort of a way :wink:

It is bizarre and probably quite fitting, but I must admit the comments you make seem to fit the personality of the rooster (is it Rocky?) and I imagine him saying them :?


Do you really expect a decision out of us :shock: Remember Murdo :shock: the glug/grub :shock: the eglu the dliemma :twisted:


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Well done Gina for getting Simons bum into another topic!!! :wink::wink::D


I want to see your avatar Grd! :wink:


Whenever I see Simon I feel all weird and don't know where to look :oops::oops::D:wink: i just know they have a look through and have a laugh at us! Mind you I go all weird in front of all of them as I feel like I'm meeting 20 something 'TALL' pop icons! :lol::lol:



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