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eggs how to clean and how long they last?

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It's best not to wash them as the shells are porous and bacteria can be transfered into the egg. If you can't bear a pooey egg then brushing it with a mushroom brush is quite effective.

A newly laid egg should be ok for up to 4 weeks. It's better to keep your eggs out of the fridge as strong odours can penetrate the shell and taint the egg. I write the date it was laid, in pencil on each egg. Then it's easy to use the oldest first.

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Egg shells are porous so if you wash them, bacteria will enter the egg. I wipe mine with a cloth to get most of the pooey bits off.


They keep for 28 days after being laid.


I don't keep mine in the fridge, just in a container in the kitchen. They don't last that long in my house! :wink:

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I usually wipe them with damp kitchen paper if they are really filthy, but otherwise leave them. I had one which had been left in the nesting box overnight a couple of days ago and that did get a run under the tap because it looked like a pooey stone and I think that will get used for cakes.


I keep mine in the fridge, we didn't at first but we had a problem with some tasting a bit odd and i felt that they would get a more stable temperature in egg boxes in the fridge, plus I was a bit worried about them being damaged by children or cats if they were in the kitchen

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