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feeding shell

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Thanks everyone :)

I do have grit with oyster shell , I put it in a non-tip , non-slip dog bowl , it seems to got somewhere so I think they are using it! I haven't had any soft/thin shells.

Eyren - maybe I should save some for slug barriers then , I though my girls would get rid of my slugs , but if you're still having trouble with them :? I shall stay vigilant cos I like to grow my own veg

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I hope you have more luck using egg shells as slug barriers than I did.


Last year nothing stopped the slugs in our vegetable patch and some of them were massive - longer and thicker than my finger :shock:


I'd been considering getting chickens for a while but losing the war with slugs and giving up work were just the excuses I needed place my order with Omlet :D


BTW I have been told (by my father-in-law) that some of the bigger black slugs should be left as they eat the little ones but I think he was pulling my leg.

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I think most people bake it.


If you grind it up it will dry out of its own accord.


I seem to remember that the baking alters the taste a bit, so that they don't get to like the taste of uncooked shell and start egg eating.


The smell of burnt egg shells is....erm....unforgettable. :?

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