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New Chook ....

What Chook should we get for Joe?.  

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  1. 1. What Chook should we get for Joe?.

    • Bovans Nera
    • White Star

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:cry: Following the sad loss of Pepper ...... and during her illness, Joe and I had discussed getting a new hen, if she did not pull through.


We are now torn between a Bovans Nera .... to be called Pepsi.

Or a White Star ... to be called Snowflake.


Please help us to make a choice ... as Ginger does not want to be without a friend for too much longer.

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Sarah - I'm so sory you have to make this choice. I have ticked Bovans Nera simply because I think htey are more docile and suited to children and also because we have problems at the moment with Mrs.W - I should hate for you to have to go through more problems.



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Hi Sarah,

Same here, Bovans Nera. Think they're beautiful...they were the only things that really tempted me at Woodside Farm recently.


Any chance that you'd get 2 while you're at it? Have you ever discussed having 3 or are 2 definitely enough for your family? I only ask because I didn't think I could have 3 in an Eglu until I'd got my 2.


Your boys I'm sure will cope well but I always tried not to have individual owners for our pets. Not that it worked; we had 3 guinea pigs "for the family" but the 3 children who chose them regarded the one they'd helped choose as their own. Son 2 took it personally when "his" one died. Not sure we'd have managed who had the most/best eggs etc either!

Joe & Ben seem to have sensible heads on little shoulders though!


Best wishes,

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Oh dear... I'm sorry you've lost a hen. I voted Bovans Nera simply because I liked the name Pepsi best!


Talking of breeds, at the Hawk Conservancy near Andover, they have what I think of as 'trousered chooks'... I think they're Braham or something. Anyone know them?

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Thanks for the replies ....

and also because we have problems at the moment with Mrs.W
:shock: , hope these probs get better Lesley.


I've gone for Bovans nera too because it will remind you of Pepper and they are lovely hens.
Thanks Kate ... I thought this too, and was going to get another P.pot from Omlet, but found a nearer source of chooks. :wink:


Sheila .. I will probably only get one hen, as I don't want Ginger to feel put out by 2 hens coming in together. With regards kids having their own ... I know what you mean re.whose is the best etc. However .. this has not happened with Ben and Joe (maybe they are too young yet to do this), and if anything they swap eggs from time to time, but love to see who has laid which egg too. Joe takes Ginger into nursery because she is the little red hen, and Pepper was more nervous ... and Ben loves all chooks regardless.

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I feel awful voting for Bovans Nera just don't tell Betty n Wilma they are lovely chooks so pretty but they are very flighty and this might upset the children. My 2 have been with me for 4 months and still really don't like being handled they tolerate it so i would opt for the more docile chooks

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8) Thanks for all the replies ... I am going to pick up a new hen tomorrow and have decided on the Bovans, to be named Pepsi.


Have been busy preparing for her arrival ..... and hope Ginger is a polite bird, and does not give her too much of a hard time. With any luck she might think its Pepper :wink::wink::wink:

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Good decision, Sarah. Hopefully Ginger will be nice and welcoming!


I was offered a new hen last week. The farmer I buy my extra eggs from is hatching some chicks at the moment and when I said I was after another hen, he said I could have one of the new chicks. Great...............until I found out they were Brahmas! They are BIG birds and poor Jenny and Clarry would have to live in a tent outside the Eglu :lol::lol::lol: ! So it looks like I won't be accepting the kind offer!

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