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House Beautiful magazine

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If anyone is thinking of buying a subscription to this magazine, I've been sent a leaflet (not personal to me) which quotes a code to get the mag for just £1.55 per issue. The website is www.qualitymagazines.co.uk/hb/dc41 the dc41 bit is the code, in case they ask for it again. This offer expires on 30th April.


I used to buy this mag on subscription (during my magazine addiction days :oops::roll: ) and really liked it, won a few competitions too, which came in handy!



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I use my Tesco clubcard deals vouchers - about £9 in vouchers for a year's subscription to HB. Lots of other magazines on their website, shame they don't offer Practical Poultry.......


That's a good point, hadn't thought about exchanging Tesco vouchers for magazines! Yes if they did Practical Poultry that would be fab! Must go and take a look at what they do have on offer :wink:


Mind you, I spend so little that it takes me all my time to accumulate £25 a year, which I then spend on food for Christmas :D

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It is good if they have what you want on their deals page (and there is more online than in their brochure).


I tell everyone about it because £2.50 of tokens turn into £10 of goods/services. It works for me because I have a Tesco Credit Card and I pay for everything on it.


2 years ago we stayed in a French Life appartment free, just by using deals tokens. It was £500 so I had to use £125 worth of tokens that I'd been saving. Then last October we again went to France for a week and the Eurotunnel tickets were £99 each way so instead of paying £200 we sent off £50 in tokens and paid the for crossing in full with those. Well it was free actually since they sent me the tokens just for using my credit card. Also used them for Legoland day passes.


So even if you get just a small amount of tokens each year it's worth checking their deals online before you cash them in at the shop.

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I think Penguinmad goes on cruises with her Tesco vouchers!


I use a Goldfish credit card because I use the shop vouchers (mainly Argos or M&S) to buy my Christmas presents, and most of what I spend is bills anyway :roll: and it is so nice to get pressies for free at the end of the year, just for paying my bills 8)

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and it is so nice to get pressies for free at the end of the year, just for paying my bills 8)


Absolutely agree. I love a bargin or getting something for free. Mind you when it comes to chickens I seem to have jelly head .... today I got my egg skelter in the post. Then yesterday whilst buying their pellets I saw some limestone flour and thought of Egluntines advice and popped that in my basket, along with a top up of garlic powder. So these free eggs I'm getting actually cost a bomb....

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