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I dont have either of the above marans but i have a cuckoo.


She's my best layer - very reliable and lovely dark brown eggs. :P


Not a problem for a beginner, shes a busy little hen, always scratching around, on the go, greedy and inquisitive. Marans can be very active if they are given room.

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I have an English/Cuckoo Maran, who is supposed to lay dark brown eggs. I posted a couple of days ago that her eggs were getting lighter :?


Lo and behold, today a dark egg 8)8)


She is a lovely hen, if a tiny bit flighty. More down to my lack of taming her than anything else I think. She is sweet natured and I have had no trouble with her at all.


She has had 1 day off egg laying since I got her in November :shock::shock:

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we have a speckeldy/cuckoo and a cuvire. Our speckledy/cuckoo is the youngest of the bunch and a bit of a loner - doesn't like us getting too close and tends to be one her own more. Our cuvire is the one we weren't going to have - but she was so pretty that I sort of distracted hubby and had her put in the box too! She is top bird in the eglu and is the one who is happiest to be cuddled. No eggs from any of the girls yet so can't comment on the colour or size, although if the "ear colour" comment on the egg forum is anything to go by we should have dark brown eggs from the cuvire and lighter ones from our cuckoo! :D

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Thanks everyone for your replies. I think I will definately get a Maran - it sounds like it very much depends on the hen herself (which I had thought anyway) - think I will ignore the breeder a bit and just go for it. Just need cube and run....... come on Omlet and OH.... :D


Can't wait to get chooks :D



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I have French Maran - not a Wheaten like Fee,but a standard one.

Her eggs are only a tiny bit darker than my standard egg layers,which is a bit disappointing as I yearn for those deep brown eggs.

She is a very sweet hen - nice & placid.


I want a Wheaten Maran this year - so if anyone here knows where I can get them in the South East,do let me know - the only place I have found them so far is Scotland :roll:

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I have found breeders listed in Northamptonshire and Somerset that are advertising wheaten marans on this website




A bit closer than Scotland but maybe still a bit far for you




correction: Perfect Poultry, Ligh"Ooops, word censored!"er have them listed on their site and they are only about an hour from you



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I have a Suffolk Noir, which is, I believe, another name for the Maran Cuivre. She lays lovely chestnut brown eggs and is my most reliable layer. She's not the friendliest of my girls, but has the softest feathers and does quite like being stroked, once you've managed to catch her! :lol:


This is the only decent pic I have of her, and she does look a bit evil in it.



I got her from http://www.warwickshirerarebreedfarm.co.uk

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