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Newbie....Just ordered my Cube!!!

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Hi All,


This is a first in many ways:-


First time I've posted in the Forum :oops:

First time at keeping chickens!

First time ordered a coop let alone a cube :oops:


But I'm soooooooooo excited!!! :D

Downside, my cube isn't being delivered until 14Apr. :cry:


Just wanted to say this Forum has been a wealth of information for me and I will certainly be keeping an eye out for those leaks :wink:


Yours truly impatient

Christine. :P

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Well I've had a bit of battle going on with my husband trying to bring him round to the idea of keeping chickens :boohoo: . So as not to push it, I've ordered the 'conservative' green although I would have loved the purple one 8) .


I've decided to play it safe and gradually build up the number of hens. We've ordered the cube with chickens, Our 4 yr old son has already named them 'Sponge Bob' & 'Squidworth' :oops: ..that's boys for you! Thereafter I would like to order a Goldline or Amber Lee and a BlueBelle. I love the Orpington breeds but concerned about them going broody.


I'm beginning to wonder whether I should have ordered an extra set of rooster bars having read the trouble people have had? :think:

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just to say welcome, and yes orps do go broody (at least ours do - one out all out...) and given they're a bit hopeless on the egg front to start with it could put you off. Though of course there are a million other reasons why you should go for them as they are wonderful birds. They aren't nasty when broody, just broody.


Re 2nd set of bars - it is certainly useful on those occasions you can't face cleaning the old set, just pop in the nice clean ones you have in reserve and do the cleaning when you feel like it!



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