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Hybrids that lay blue eggs

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Hi - can anyone tell me what hybrids lay blue / green eggs please? As I'm going to ring Craeg Mhor Poultry tomorrow & see what he has got in & if he can get hold of some blue egg layers. I want a couple more hens, as the cube looks lost with just 2 chooks in it. I do also like the warrens & ambers. No more leghorns! She has turned out far too bossy! :lol:

I'm visiting Wernlas at Easter, but I'd have to order & wait for some blue egg layers (pure breeds) & us chokie keepers don't know the meaning of waiting!!! :lol:



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Just a word of caution for all of you who have received my hybrid info sheet (thanks Christian :wink: ) Please do not hold me to account for the information it contains! It was put together purely by trawling t'internet and looking at what the poultry suppliers said about the hybrids they sold. It is not necessarily accurate! :lol: (in fact some sites contradicted each other so much I gave up in the end! :lol: )

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