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Sarah B

Pepperpots and Gingernuts

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Hi All,


Has anyone else recently got a gingernut and a pepperpot from Omlet?


I've had my girls just over 2 weeks and the pepperpot seems to be 'developing' for point of lay quicker than the gingernt, she is also a bigger bird.


Do you think the gingernut could be younger than the pepperpot? My gingernut hasn't been well though so I'm wondering if that has something to do with it but her combs and wattles haven't altered much whereas the pepperpots are getting enlarged and red as they should.


Any ideas?



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Thanks for that Peanut, you have put my mind at rest. I was wondering if my gingernut was not developing as she should as she hasn't been well.


Fingers crossed for eggs soon! I thought my pepperpot was crouching today but then I realised she was digging a dust bath lol :D

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Hi Sarah,


We got our girls a few days before you and the Omlet guy said that our Pepperpot looked larger than our Gingernut and more likely to lay first. Our Pepperpot's comb is definitely larger and redder than our Gingernut's and I thought I she crouched when I approached her yesterday, so we have our fingers crossed for eggs soon.


What has been wrong with your Gingernut? Have you spoken to Omlet about it as they shouldn't be sending out poorly birds? My Pepperpot has a runny belly which doesn't seem to be settling down, but I think it may be because of the leftovers I give her. I might try and get hold of some bokashi bran.


Hope this puts your mind at rest.

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Our girls arrived from Omlet on 18 Feb - 2 Gingernut rangers and 1 Pepperpot. The pepperpot looked much bigger and older than the other 2 and her comb was definitely more noticable and redder. She has infact just started to lay! We had a our first egg on Thursday (13 Mar) and then a second one on Friday. :D Only problem is that she doesn't seem to be laying the eggs in the morning. Came home from work on both days and the egg was waiting in the nesting box (at 3.30 pm and still warm). Let them free range today and we haven't had an egg - wondering if she had laid somewhere in the garden... Will have to see what tomorrow brings. Eggs are a little small but perfectly formed :D


Noodle (the Pepperpot) started crouching whenever we went near her last week so we knew it was imminent. Makes it much easier to pick her up....


Meanwhile the 2 gingernut rangers don't look very ready to lay eggs. Penny's comb is a little redder and she is slightly bigger than Tikka.


My two boys had the 2 eggs today (fried) and said they tasted delicious and far better than the shop bought ones :)


It is all pretty exciting especially as we are nowing seeing some eggs arrive. It is almost as if someone has opened up the Eglu and placed an egg on top of the shredded paper in the nest. I just hope she starts laying in the morning so I can collect the egg before I go to work.

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I don't know if its any comfort but ours are like yours, ebony (pepperpot) is larger than henny (gingernut), omlet guy said he thought that the pepperpot was about two weeks ahead of the gingernut and about three weeks or so away from laying (although he was very careful to say that it may take longer !!)


We have had them just coming up to two weeks, and we are both amazed how quickly they have become part of our lives and how they have both grown !


We have just cleaned them out for the second time (in the rain !), which we were both worried about doing but we shouldn't have, straightforward and 'easy'


They go to bed when dusk and are starting to love the treats, even poppy the black lab is getting used to them and they her !


We love them !!!

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Thank you for all your replies, it would indeed appear that the Pepperpots that went out with the Gingernuts recently are older hens. I wasn't told this by my Omlet delivery man but he had only been in the job 3 days.


Congrats to those who have their first eggs already, cool! 8)


Thanks for putting my mind at rest re my little Tikka.


Sarah x

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