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Amount of hemcore/ aubiose?

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Question on hemcore etc for those with fixed runs.


OH was out in the rain yesterday digging up where we are hoping to put our run for the girls (when they come!). We have lovely clay soil so it was a bit of a quagmire - that is making us think we really need to put down paving slabs over most of it.


Question is: if we slab most of it how much hemcore / aubiose would we need to cover it with - at the moment run is going to be about 10ft by 14 ft per OH (3 metres by about 4 metres). I am presuming if it is a solid base we will need to go deeper with the hemcore? Will one bale do for 6 weeks?


We are going to have a roof over the run with the galvanised mesh on sides.





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I use one bale for my run which is on slabs and measures 2m x 4m but there's plenty of it and it gives about a 2" covering all over (my eglu is off the ground on a table). The girls usually kick it all up one end of the run anyway, I'm always having to rake it back down again :roll: I change it every six weeks maybe a bit more in summer when they're up and about for longer.


I'm sure one bale will be enough for your run.

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Excellent - thanks for that. We were just starting to panic that we would be needing bales and bales of the stuff if we paved the bottom.


Can't wait for this to be done - sadly we are away for a few days in April so will have the run and cube set up but won't get chickens until we come back. :cry:


Counting down the days :boohoo:


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