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Moomin is a chicken mum!!

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Yesterday we brought home two dear chickens. Bobbie, who is a Barnevelder and Skye, a blue Cochin. We got them from the Garden Hen in Windsor and Simon said they were between 8 & 10 weeks old. They were the only 2 chickens that weren't reserved so my decision was very much in the lap of the Gods but luckily Cochins and Barnevelders were high on my list anyway.


I have been chicken watching since early this morning, they were put in the Eglu yesterday afternoon and I let them out this morning at 7am!! They came out straight away as they were starving.


They are beautiful, they have been stuffing down growers pellets all day and are gradually getting more confident each minute. They didn't like the hailstones though!! Luckily the Yellow Duck shower curtain cover gave them good protection and they stayed warm and dry. (do you think they will hold those yellow ducks against me when they are older and be scarred for life??!! I got it half price in Debenham's at the last minute it was the only one that was see-through, apart from the ducks that is :? )


I have been in the run on my stomach poo-picking and they came to within a foot of me so already seem very friendly, one of them did a curry poo, my daughter was amazed!! I quite like poo-picking actually!! :oops:


I would have liked to have brought home Bobbie's sister too but she was promised to someone else. Skye will be growing like mad over the next few weeks, I have had strict instructions from Simon not to give too many treats as they need to get big and strong on pellets. Just the odd bit of lettuce and a grape or two, I'm going to wait a couple of days though until they are settled.


I love them and can't take my eyes off them. Photos to follow asap :D


XXXXX :lol::lol::lol: XXXXX

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How lovely, congratulations Moomin. :lol: You'll probably spend most of the weekend chicken watching, and poo picking. And most of next week, and the week after, and the week after that.... :lol: Before you know it all your friends will be going :roll: every time you start talking about chickens!


have a great time with them and look forward to the pictures,


Mrs B

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You might need to upgrade to a cube as they get bigger!


Thanks Egluntine, yep I know they will be BIG girls. There was a 14 YEAR OLD Barnevelder at the place where I bought them from - and she was massive. She still lays 20 - 30 eggs a year bless her. And Chelsea has already warned me about Cochins. So bigger accom is on the way :D


As for the poo-picking, I just go round with my yellow marigold and think 'compost, lovely compost!!' :lol::lol::lol:


So far it's not smelling too bad - no doubt that will change :?

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they sound adorable and i love the names.


Photos please soon :D


I've always wanted a barnevelder (along with an orpington) so im very :mrgreen: Barnevelders are stunning chooks and you have chosen 2 docile, friendly submissive breeds so you should have lots of opportunities for chicken cuddles. :)

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Thanks Chelsea! The Barnevelder is adorable, she is a little bit pecked, has a few bald patches as her sisters were at her, there were only two left (her sister was in the same state) but I am going to nurse her back to health. She has been eating everything in sight today, and tonight she let me stroke her head :D


The Cochin is exactly as I imagined she would be, she is about as big as a pidgeon at the moment I think she is the older of the two chicks. A perfect round fluffy ball, she is, she already has feathery feet that get into everything! In about six weeks (the breeder said) she will be about bantam-sized. I am going to get them a bigger run before she gets too grown up!!

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I have just spent an hour trying to re-size some photo's on Photobucket but every time I tried to re-size to message board size it bombed me out with an error message !! :evil::evil::evil:


Fed up now!!


So I have created an album called moomin's chickens in the gallery. If any one knows how to put the link to this in my signature and re-name it, please let me know. :oops:


Meanwhile if you can find it I hope you enjoy the first few pics of my chicks :D:D:D

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