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Sniffing the backs of chickens heads!

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Yesterday my kids and I smelt the backs of our chickens heads as we saw on one of these threads that Hells Bells did it!


After finding that out, we had to have a sniff.........my eldest son said that 'Freckle' our Sussex, smelt chickeny but 'Dora' our Miss Pepperpot smelt of poo! That last comment put me off and it took a while for me to sniff, I don't think I'll be doing it again!

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i kiss mine on the back of the head but never sniffed, might try it next time I'm kissing them! :D I kiss them and talk into the feathers on their head/neck, I think they like the vibration of my voice and the warm air.

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My eldest daughter and son like to rub the chooks wattle between their thumb and first finger.

I think the chooks like it too because they seem to go all dreamy and relaxed and a bit sleepy, closing their eyes!


The first time we rubbed Vaseline into them (which made the wattles and combs look so much better), we noticed they seemed to like it!


Anyone else done this?

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Ms Tillyfeels so much more sane after reading this post ;)


Ms Tillysmilesandlovesherchooks .. . butstilhasn'tkissedorsniffedoranythingotherthanheldoutmyhandtobepeckedwhilstfeedingthemtreatsofmixedcorn.








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