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Introducing my new house bunny!!

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I got her today, she is a Netherland Dwarf with no name. The man at the shop said it had to be original...

Pics are not great but will try and get some more tomorrow.




Jen x

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Hi, We have had our mini Lionhead rabbit, Narla, for two weeks. She lives in a cage in our dining room. Within the two weeks she has really settled and because she lives in, she became tame very quickly because she had to put up with our noises and was constantly watching what we were doing. It made it easier for the children to go up to her as well. Am going to try to put a pic on here when I know how.

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So cute! She's the same colour as my Steffi.


I ended up moving my house bunnies into the 8X6 shed with a permanent 9ftx 13ft walk in run - they have logs to climb, chip-bark to dig, a dock and cardboard boxes to chew, as well as all their toys.


I got fed up with the wall paper being stripped, carpet chewed, and although the permanent cables were protected in all rooms, Bugsy still managed to chew through my sons playstation cable and DS charger cable and my lap top cahrger cable (after I had warned my son not to let bugsy near the wires and to keep the door closed!)


So after being confined to the small dining room, and caged at night, they now have the whole shed at night and the run and shed when I'm at work, and free range in the garden when it is nice and I'm in the garden to keep an eye on them!

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see where she goes to the toilet and put a liiet tray there to catch the droppings. You may need several trays to start with. Then when she is used to the tray, either move them a bit at a time to where you want them, or if there are lots, gradually remove one at a time until you are left with the one in the position you want.


This method worked for my rabbits, though they do occasionall miss the tray abit!

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If your lucky enough she might take to her tray straight away. My 2 did and touch wood Dora and Diesel never chew anything or make a mess....think they know im a clean freak , its rubbed off on Dora, she makes sure all t he toys are in a nice little pile after Diesel has flung them about. :? .

They are great i wouldnt be without them

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