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Horse Shop Shopping List

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apple cider vinegar would be a good investment, added to their water it's a good anti bac, anti fungal and makes their gut more acidic and less friendly to parasites.


it might be worth getting some limestone flour, just in case you ever have a problem with soft shelled eggs but then you may never need to use it so that's up to you.


tub trugs might come in handy for mucking out too

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From my local horse shop I buy.


- Apple cider vinegar

- Garlic powder

- Auboise bedding (my shop also does Hemcore which is similar)

- Limestone flour (they sell Baileys brand 3kg for £4 or NAF brand for £7 -and they are sometimes in different areas of my shop so look around).


I also buy my layers pellets and mixed corn from the horse shop as they sell that as well and I can get it all in one hit. So worth asking if yours does chicken food too.

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