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environment, wildlife etc etc

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This isn't related to hens or eglus at all really - it is just a thought that has kept recurring over the last few days, so I thought I'd see what people thought...


I belong to a variety of organisations and charities supporting conservation, the environment and so on - and given the type of discussions that take place on this forum, I suspect there are other people that have similar interests. I'd be really interested to find out what kinds of groups other people belong to, as I'm sure there are loads more things I could be doing... So, here, purely for interest's sake are some of the charities/organisation/interest groups that I support/belong to:


The Woodland Trust - www.woodland-trust.org.uk

Promotes preservation and regeneration of British woodlands. You can dedicate a tree as a gift - I've done this for family and friends as presents.


The Mammals Trust/The People's Trust - www.mtuk.org

Promotes conservation and protection of endangered species, both native and abroad.


The Waterways Trust - www.thewaterwaystrust.co.uk

Conserving and restoring Britain's waterways.


The National Trust - www.nationaltrust.org.uk


The Wildlife Trust - www.wildlifetrusts.org (our local branch)

Conservation of British wildlife.


Australian Orangutan Project - www.orangutan.org.au

Supporting jungle conservation projects in Indonesia, and the rescue of orangutans. I have adopted a baby orangutan called Lidia!


Rainforest Concern - www.adoption.co.uk/rainforest/

Protection of rainforest in South America. Some thoughtful people, knowing our interests gave us an acre of rainforest as a wedding present, and we have kept up the sponsorship!


Viva - www.viva.org.uk/

A 'vegetarian' society that campaign to end cruelty to farmed animals in the UK and overseas - perhaps of particular interest to omleteers, given their concern for factory-farmed chickens (and other animals).


Resurgence - www.resurgence.org/

Bi-monthly magazine publishing articles on environmental and social issues.


Soil Association - www.soilassociation.org

Information on organic and sustainable farming/lifestyles.

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Thanks for those Anna - I'm aware of some of them but others are new so will take a look. I still support Viva! although I did start eating some meat just before Christmas after 25 yrs as a Veggie. Their work is important.


Kate and I both support British Trust for Ornithology - BTO - and take part in the Garden Bird Watch.


I'm sure others will have other interests to add here.

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Thanks Lesley - I'm not a member of BTo or the RSPB, but we did the Garden Bird Watch for the first time this year. It was actually really nice just sitting watching the garden quietly for an hour and seeing who all the 'visitors' were!

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The Garden Birdwatch that Kate and I do is a weekly thing. We complete forms recording the number of species of bird seen during that week. Kate does hers online but I'm getting old and prefer paper :roll:

Having said that - my Mum completes hers online so it's just me :oops:

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Oooohhh. Didn't know about that. Are there online details somewhere? I'm never at home to put pen to paper these days... At this very moment (3.52pm on a sunny Saturday afternoon) I am at work in the bowels of a theatre. I've just come into the office and the sun is shining in through the windows. I'm thinking longingly of my garden...

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