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egg cups

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Hi dispic the same thing happened to me it was so funny trying to eat the boiled eggs and soldiers with no egg cups :lol: Checked the link Sarah they are so funky and I think the fridge magnet I have at home must be from the same set it was a gift so I'm not sure :?

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Thank you, yes I did - but I didn't need any :?:lol::lol:


I won tonights as well - a set of five 1950's/60's plastic ones for 99p and a Rare, Vintage Royal Doulton double ended egg-cup for rather more :oops:


There is another, set of four, coming up tomorrow morning!


There are some mixed sets of 21 and 15 egg cups for anyone else who is desperate!

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I've got those four as well now - I'll need a new kitchen soon. One more I want to bid on and then that's it!


I had never even looked at ebay until someone said there was an Eglu for sale - I didn't even know how to use ebay :roll:


Just look what keeping chickens has done for me - I spend far too much time on forums/fora, my house is a mess and it's now full of egg cups I don't need :lol::lol::lol:

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