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Martin, you could start a blog - a web diary of your chicken journey. If you click my www you'll see my blog (probably a bit boring for you to be honest) but you can see that you can add pictures and text to it. I do mine on a weekly basis, but you could just do yours whenever you feel like it.


This is a good site, as you can choose from lots of different layouts.




Would be lovely to see your progress.

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1)you can use a programme like frontpage, or even dreamweaver

2) you can get some websites (if you search) where it is pretty much built and you just add content. Don't know much about this myself.


3) You could add to my website (see www) Sorry should plug for OH :oops:

It is wiki style website so anyone can edit the pages on CHICKENS of course.

Would love people to edit and add to it, but sadly no takers yet :cry:

You do have to register and logon to edit, but it's only me and OH at the other end not a dodgey unknown site.


4)There are the 2 blog sites mentioned before, or


Our website has its own area for blogs (see mine in my signature) that anyone is free to register for. Again just my blog :cry: and boring admin blog :roll: on the site so far.


*looks hopefully at omleteers* :wink:

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Great looking Blog Liz


Please can I just ask you that you are careful with the amount of personal info you put on there though - I don't want to scare the pants off you, but try to keep really personal details to a minimum. Obviously no address or phone numbers :shock::wink:


I don't put my full name on mine, infact I use my nickname. Of course you may have your blog set to just invited people, but otherwise anybody can view it, so just be cautious, as I'm sure you are.

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