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Flowers for October Wedding

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We have set our wedding date for end of October but I'm struggling for flower ideas. I'd love something blue - to go either with pink or with yellow - but it seems tricky at that time of year - any ideas. We live on the coast and having reception right by the sea so would prefer blues (violety blues preferably) but open to sugestions ... HELP! :?::?::?

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Oooo I love a good wedding.


We got married in March (8 years ago now) and I chose the shape from a catelogue they had and the florist offered excellent advice on what would be the best value for that time of year.


So find a good florist, visit them all because altough the prices tend to be similar you need to find one that you have confidence in to do what you want them to rather than what they want to.


My dad and stepmum got married in March last year and she had a mixture of real and silk. You couldn't tell the difference and it kept the weight of the bouquet down.


The one thing I regret about my wedding was not arranging to have my bouquet preserved. It was a work of art and everyone cried when the flowers were delivered.

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